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A fear of driving is more common than many people realise - they just think it's about lack of experience or nervousness. Not so, many of our former driving phobics were completely unable to drive on busy roads or motorways, or to overtake, or travel at normal speed. Less common is the fear of being driven by others, although this also occurs occasionally.
We can remove this phobia and put in place a clear, calm, confident and resourceful driving state, especially under difficult circumstances. This actually increases personal road safety.

Many of people have cars and other transport available to them but have been unable to fully enjoy a safe and relaxed driving experience. Our discreet and professional approach ensures that, usually, one or two visits to our Harley Street Phobia Clinic are all that is required to remove any needless fear or phobic response. For cases where extreme anxiety is also present, then another session or two may also be required. All our work is completely confidential, and can be as anonymous and private as is needed.
A driving phobia can be extremely limiting in today's 'instant travel' world, where we are expected to be mobile in order to be regarded as reliable, competent and independent. Typically, the origins of this fear are in a close relative giving driving instruction - typically a father or uncle - who stresses the danger aspect of motor vehicles are a method of road safety training.

The trouble is, they often overdo this, to the point of inducing a fearful response in the already nervous and flustered learner. Some old-school driving instructors also used this approach, as do many aged back-seat drivers nowadays!

Once this strong fear is lurking in the back of a driver's mind, they can happily drive on quiet country roads or in 'normal' conditions, but immediately hesitate or panic under difficult conditions. With enough negative experiences like this, even normal driving can be difficult or impossible. Anxiety also plays a part in building up a phobic response, either by frequent recall of past 'moments of danger' or imagined future scenarios.
"There is absolutely no need for anyone
to suffer a phobia nowadays......"

Steve Wichett SNLP, NCH, MBACP - Founder and Owner of The Phobia Clinic