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  Natural Health Magazine (May 2009) on 'Depression'

"There is absolutely no need for anyone
to suffer a phobia nowadays......"

Steve Wichett SNLP, NCH, MBACP - Founder and Owner of The Phobia Clinic

For the past four years Iíd been living on just two hours sleep a night. I felt like crying most of the time, had very little confidence, was overweight, worried constantly and didnít know how to socialise. I was just existing rather than enjoying life. Sometimes I felt so low that I could have quite happily ended it all. It was only my daughters who kept me going.

I went to see my doctor who put me on a daily dose of antidepressants but I wasnít keen on the idea of relying on medication. The suicidal thoughts went away, but pretty soon I had few feelings left at all. The emotional highs and lows had disappeared. Thatís what these chemical mood enhancers do to a person; they numb emotion. The antidepressants masked the issues but they didnít solve my problems. I sought other solutions to aid my recovery such as massage, reflexology and counselling, but nothing seemed to help much. Then, by chance, I came across a TV programme about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and I was instantly intrigued. The people in the programme suffered with various illnesses that they thought were incurable, yet they were all helped by NLP. Perhaps if it worked for them, then it could work for me? I contacted the programme-makers and was put in touch with an NLP practitioner in my area, Steve Wichett.

Steve taught me that I wasnít broken - it was just the programming in my mind that needed changing. He showed me some simple techniques to cope with lifeís ups and downs and also helped me to change my mindset to a much more positive one. This was all done in a safe, gentle way. Thankfully I didnít have to go through the trauma of reliving the events that had contributed to my depression.

After six months of visiting Steve, once a month, my sleeping had improved, Iíd lost a stone in weight and I felt much happier. I was so impressed that I took a course in NLP myself, and Iím planning to train as a Master Practitioner. I feel much better about all aspects of my life now, and if there are any ups and downs I know I can get over them in minutes or hours, instead of ruminating on them for weeks and months like I used to. Iím finally living life again, rather than just existing.

If anyone who is reading this is suffering with depression I want them to know that with the right help you can get better - Iím living proof of that!
Beating Depression with NLP
"I conquered my depression with NLP..."
Nita Saini explains how NLP helped her turn her life around

I stared at the pool of sticky strawberry yoghurt spreading over the kitchen floor Iíd just cleaned. My head was pounding and my eyes were filling with tears. Iíd barely slept the night before and Iíd spent all morning cleaning. Now it was ruined.

ďMummy, are we going to the park now?Ē my two daughters asked. ďNo!Ē I screeched. ďIíve got to clear up this mess!Ē Sobbing hysterically, I put my head in my hands. This was the last straw.

Steve taught me that I wasnít broken - it was just the
programming in my mind that needed changing.

He showed me some simple techniques to cope with
lifeís ups and downs and also helped me to change my
mindset to a much more positive one.